TWR10 HCN Gas Cell

T170 / High Strength Multipoint FBG Sensor to 500kpsi
October 2, 2018
TWR20 / C2H2 Gas Cell
October 12, 2018

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The TWR10 is a Single-Mode Fiber (SM) based Packaged Hydrogen Cyanide Gas Cell (H13C14N) for use as NIST traceable absolute wavelength reference in the calibration of Optical Spectrum Analyzers, Tunable Lasers, Tunable Filters, Chemical Analysis Systems, and Optical Sensing Systems.

Hermetically sealed for long operation life and coated lenses and wedged windows to virtually eliminate influences from the ambient environment. Ready for direct connection via standard optical connectors or by splicing. The TWR10 Gas Cell is easy to handle and installation is fast and intuitive. Immune to lightning and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Widely used in optical test and monitoring instruments, the TWR10 is well fit for telecom systems, for medical and pharmaceutical applications, and for optical sensing applications in security, robotics, civil & geotechnical engineering, oil & gas, aerospace, railways, roadways, performance gear, marine vessels & racing yachts, wind turbines and structures, pipelines, nuclear facilities, industrial processes, and for research laboratories worldwide.

Key Features

NIST traceability. The TWR10 Gas Cell absorption spectrum is determined by fundamental molecular energy level transitions that have been well characterized by standards bodies such as NIST. The presence of H13C14N at the specified pressure of 25 Torr guarantees repeat absorption spectra characteristics. The TWR10 pressure uncertainty of +/-10% is well within the NIST’s stated uncertainty requirement of +/-20% and therefore the TWR10 Gas Cell is assured to be NIST traceable.

Safety. The TWR10 contains <40µg of H13C14N, which is a quantity far below any quantity deemed hazardous by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which lists a Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) for H13C14N of 11mg/m3 over an eight hour period. No special measures are necessary for the handling and use of the TWR10 Gas Cells and they may be carried or shipped when and as needed.

Optical connectorization available. With FC/APC, FC/UPC, LC/ APC, LC/UPC, SC/APC, SC/UPC, LSA-DIN/APC, E2000, and other optical interfaces, or unconnectorized with standard one meter single mode fiber pigtails.

Low cost and field proven. For demanding projects that require both low cost and stable operation for the long-term. Extensively used in the field as absolute wavelength calibration artifacts within instruments and as stand-alone absolute wavelength references.

TWR90 Calibration Box Available: Sensibly priced and consists of one TWR10 HCN Gas Cell, one TWR30 25GHz Athermal FabryPerot Etalon, and one TWR60 1550nm CW Athermal Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG). The TWR90 is designed to internally accommodate additional optical components of interest if needed. Ideal for quality control, calibration labs, metrology, and education.

Applications include Commercial Test and Monitoring Instruments and Metrology

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