T999 Patch Cords for Optical Sensing

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T999 Patch Cords for Optical Sensing


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The T999 Optical Patch Cords are single mode fibers available with various coatings and with various types of protective tubing or jacketing options depending on the level of ruggedness and environmental conditions where they are to be used in various optical sensing applications.

Terminated with FC/APC or LC/APC connectors at one end or at both ends. Hybrid and patch cords also available upon request.

The T999 series patch cords are available in various lengths and with short lead-times. Inquire with us for OEM configurations.

Key Features


Wide range of applications. FC-APC and LC-APC terminated patch cords are widely used in the field and in R&D labs for setting up optical sensing system interconnections.

Packaging options. The T999 optical patch cords are offered with a variety of options from bare fiber to jacketed cables, with or without color coding, and are available in virtually any length. Well fit for many optical sensing systems with options for balancing cost, performance, and level of ruggedness to meet the requirements of each customer’s application requirements.

Ready for OEM designs. The T999 optical patchcord is an optical accessory that can be used AS IS. Inquire with us about patch cords in OEM fibers, OEM coatings, and OEM packaging.

T999 patch cords for optical sensing



Applications in Civil & Geotechnical Engineering, Energy, Medical, Aerospace, Marine, Rail, Industrial, Research, Materials and Equipment Test Labs and Telecom

Technica undertakes a rigorous development process before product release. The company is also firmly committed to continuous improvements after release to ensure performance to the highest standards, hence, specifications are subject to update without notice.

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