T970 Rugged Waterproof Splice for Optical Armored Cables



The T970 is a rugged and waterproof splice for optical armored cables with 3mm outer diameter (OD) for daisy-chaining many of Technica’s commercial Optical Sensors.

Packaged to eliminate dust, water, and mechanical damage to the optical interface that could be caused by the ambient environment. Ready for surface mounting, for embedding into concrete and other materials, or for using AS IS without attaching to any structure.

The T970 is about 22cm in length and it is ideal for the installation of all Technica Optical Sensors terminated with 3mm OD pigtails, including the T110, T2XX, T3XX, T4XX, T5XX, T6XX, T7XX, and T8XX sensors.

Key Features:

Installable at the factory, or in the field. The T970 splices are best done at the factory. They are rugged, field-proven, and economical. However, they can also be completed by the customer in the field, using Technica’s T970 Installation Kit which includes all the tools and parts needed for making 10, 100, or 1000 field splices. While the tools are re-usable for many field installations when ordering a field assembly kit the customer should specify the number of splices that need to be completed before re-ordering supplies. The T970 Field Installation Kit consists of (1) Fusion Splicer, (2) Fiber Cleaver, (3) Fiber Stripper, (4) IPA bottle, (5) Heat Gun, (6) Custom Armored Cable Opener, (7) Custom Stainless Steel Cutter, (8) Crimping Tool, (9) CC Scissors, and (10) Teflon Stripper (see photo on right). The T970 Installation Kit includes Technica’s detailed and complete step-by-step assembly process instruction manual.

The rugged construction of the T970 enables the assembly of ready-to-install custom-made optical sensing arrays. The standard pigtail length of most Technica sensors is one (1) meter of optical armored cable. The T970 includes (1) custom fusion splice protection sleeve, (2) custom stainless steel protection tube, and (3) custom heat shrink tube. The T970 allows splicing to the sensors’ pigtails any length of additional optical armored cable and/or daisy-chaining many sensors on the same fiber.

Low cost and long-term stability. Optimized for demanding projects in outdoor and harsh environments that require both low-cost and stable operation of multiple optical sensors interconnected by armored optical cables over the long term. Field-proven with thousands of Technica manufactured sensors installed on bridges, dams, tunnels, mines, train stations, buildings, electrical power stations, and other sites.


Civil & Geo Engineering, Energy, Transportation, Industrial, and Research Laboratories


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