T960 / Rugged Waterproof Protection for Optical Interfaces

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T960/Rugged Waterproof Protection Datasheet

Key Features

Simple construction which requires only basic tools for installation. The T960 consists of 9 discrete sub-components as follows: (1) one ABS body, (2) two Rubber Bushings, (3) two Grand Bodies, (4) two Rubber Bushing Protectors, and (5) two Grand Body Caps. The only tools needed for installation are one 29mm spanner and one 24mm spanner.

Installable in the field on optical cables that already have their optical connectors installed. The T960 design allows installing the protector on optical interfaces even after the optical connectors have already been installed on the respective cables.

Low cost and long-term stability. Ideal for demanding projects that require both low-cost per each rugged and waterproof optical interface and stable operation over the long-term.


The T960 is a rugged and waterproof protector for optical interfaces installed on 3mm outer diameter (OD) optical cables for many of Technica’s commercial Optical Sensors.

Packaged to eliminate dust, water, and mechanical damage of the optical interface that could be caused by the ambient environment. Ready for surface mounting, for embedding into concrete and other materials, or for using AS IS without attaching to any structure. There are no metal parts in the T960.

The T960 is a field proven. Ideal for the installation of all Technica Optical Sensors terminated with 3mm OD pigtails, including the T110, T2XX, T3XX, T4XX, T5XX, T6XX, T7XX, and T8XX sensors.


Applications in Civil and Geo Engineering, Energy, Transportation, Industrial and Research


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