TS900 Spot Welder for Optical Sensing



The TS900 is a high-performance, easy to use and universal Spot Welder and Pin Welder for Optical Sensing Applications.

The TS900 is easy to use and features a 1.5 meter long cable to the welding gun. The welding gun includes a fire button and LED indicator. All cables have quick disconnects for easy transport.

The TS900 is the new and improved version of Technica’s well established T900 Spot Welder which has been used in factories and in the field for optical sensing installations worldwide in civil engineering, energy, marine, railways, aerospace and other applications since 2007.

Key Features:

Custom welding gun. Easy to replace welding tips. Pressure adjustment on the gun. Guidance spikes for vertical positioning against the surface (for pin-welding f r o m M 3 t o M 1 0 w i t h maximum length of 40mm). Detachable gun cable.

Rugged housing for harsh environments. The TS900 Spot Welder can be used both in the lab and in indoor and outdoor industrial settings. The TS900 design balances cost, performance, and reliability, offering an attractive and proven plug-and-play commercial solution for the optical sensing industry.

Key accessories included. Each spot welding system is shipped with spare welding tips, tip adaptor, pin-welding adaptor, pinwelding guiding spikes, and magnetic attachable ground cord to support field installers and to minimize any chance of down-time for shortage of accessories.


Applications include Civil Engineering, Energy, Industrial, Transportation, and R&D