T45 / Pi-Phase FBG

T175 Teflon High Strength FBG Temperature Cable
January 28, 2019
EWOFS19 Limassol Cyprus
The 7th European Workshop on Optical Fibre Sensors in Limassol, Cyprus, October 1-4, 2019 (EWOFS19)
June 24, 2019


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The T45 is a Fiber Bragg Grating exhibiting an ultra sharp notch response. It is a key building block for optical sensors used in applications that require monitoring of events from DC to tens of KHz and even to MHz speeds.

Naturally packaged (written) directly in fiber, these sensors can be used as they are or they can be packaged into a variety of higher level sensors for use in optical sensing systems. Small-size and fast response time. Excellent wavelength to temperature and wavelength to strain linearity. The T45 FBG is designed to make handling and installation fast, easy and intuitive. Delivers the many advantages inherent to all FBG based sensors. Equally sensitive as traditional strain and temperature sensors but immune to EMI.

Pi-Phase FBG sensors are well fit for fast edge trigger type optoelectronic systems that enable ultra-fast detection.

Key Features

Temperature and Strain Linearity. The precision made FBG structure written into the fibers’ core for producing the T45 yields a simple transducer configuration of high resolution, linearity, and measurement repeatability. Ultra-sharp notch for clear signal processing.

Low cost, easy installation, and long lifetime. The T45 was designed for projects that require both the availability of low-cost FBGs and stable operation for highly accurate measurements over the long-term. The original design makes handling and installation very easy. Fastening methods are by simple fiber bonding, laying, or embedding. Technica is happy to provide support and advice with regard to application-specific installation and monitoring requirements.

Proven field performance. The T45 is based on core laser processing technology that has been in production for several years and continues to receive excellent customer feedback. Hundreds of thousands of FBGs have been manufactured and delivered from our state-of-the-art production facility with practically no returns since initial release. The T45 is a new and reliable core element for an expanding range of applications. It is ideally monitored when paired with our FBG Amplifier (FBGA-1).

Applications include Industrial Processes, Structural Monitoring, Robotics and R&D Programs

Technica undertakes a rigorous development process before product release. The company is also firmly committed to continuous improvements after release to ensure performance to the highest standards, hence, specifications are subject to update without notice.

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