T240 Rebar Embedded Strain Sensor

T230 Embedded Strain Sensor
May 21, 2018
T320 General Purpose Accelerometer
June 8, 2018

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The T240 is a Single-Mode Fiber (SM) based Long-Gauge Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Strain Sensor for placing in-line with rebars prior to their embedding into concrete.

The T240 is designed for being placed truly in-line with the customers’ rebars for the accurate measurement of rebar strain after embedding into concrete. Packaged to eliminate influences from the ambient environment. Excellent wavelength to temperature linearity. The accuracy and precision specifications take into account any hysteresis, non-linearities, and the repeatability of the sensor. The T240 sensor handling and installation is fast, easy and intuitive. Immune to lightning and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

T240 series Long-Gauge Strain Sensors are fabricated using licensed and proprietary state-of-the-art laser manufacturing technologies and product designs. The sensor packaging described herein represents the most popular configuration and can be customized.

Key Features

Strain and temperature linearity. One-body T240 design for both temperature and strain measurements uses precision made FBGs written into the fibers’ core for producing a transducer configuration of high linearity, resolution, accuracy, and precision. SLSR & BW options.

Absolute temperature sensor included. The T240 strain sensor includes a second absolute FBG temperature sensor embedded in its construction and serving as both precise temperature compensator and as independent absolute temperature sensor.

Pre-Strain level is adjustable at the factory but it is already fixed during field installation. Factory pre-strained to the application requirements.

Inserted in-line with the customers’ rebars. The T240 sensor design uniquely allows for screwing-in the ends of the sensor directly onto the customers’ rebars via an inner M14 thread and, therefore, becomes a completely integrated smart rebar sensor yielding accurate strain measurements of the rebars before and after embedding into concrete.

Ready to be daisy chained. Well suited for projects that include the need to monitor strain and temperature at one or many locations. Provided as single connectorized sensors or in ready to install arrays of various lengths and flexible number of sensors.

Low cost and field proven. For demanding projects that require both low cost per sensing point and stable operation for long-term. Designed by Civil Engineers for Civil Engineering applications.

Applications in Civil Engineering, Geotechnical, Buildings and Research

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