T23 / Aluminum Coated Fiber FBG

T25 / Gold Coated FBG with Hermetic Seal
October 26, 2020
T890 / High Temperature FBG Sensing Probe to +1000C
October 26, 2020
Aluminum Coated Fiber FBG

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The T23 is a Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) inscribed in single-mode (SM) Aluminum Coated Fiber.

Available in a wide range of optical specifications. Standard operation to +300°C. Also available with a temperature rating of +400°C. The FBG area can be left uncoated or can be recoated with Gold. Naturally packaged (written) directly in fiber, these sensors can be used as they are or they can be packaged into a variety of higher-level sensors (see T890) for use in optical sensing systems and for field installations via well established metal-to-metal bonding techniques. Small-size and fast response time. Excellent wavelength to temperature linearity. The T23 FBG handling and installation are fast, easy, and intuitive. Delivers the advantages inherent to FBG based sensors.

The T23 series FBGs are fabricated using licensed and proprietary state-of-the-art laser manufacturing and chemical processing technologies to fit a wide range of field applications. Mass-manufactured and commercially available with standard lead-time. 

Key Features

Temperature linearity. The precision-made FBG structure written into the fibers’ core for producing the T23 yields a simple transducer configuration of high resolution, linearity, and measurement repeatability. Customer specified BW (FWHM), REF, and SLSR.

Designed for applications where hermetic sealing and/or metal-to-metal bonding is required. Factory processed to allow mounting and/or bonding to be applied on virgin or recoated areas of the fiber.   

Packaging and protection options. The FBG element within the T23 sensor is available coated with Gold or can be left uncoated, as the application requires. Options available for ideally balancing cost by pig-tailing the component with other types of fibers (acrylate coated, polyimide coated) for further increasing the envelope of addressable commercial solutions. Premium performance and reliability.

Available as a single point sensor or as a multi-sensor array. For measuring a single point or many. The T23 can be manufactured in arrays of various lengths with a flexible number of FBGs.

Ready for OEM designs. The T23 FBG is a core sensing element that can be used AS IS, or it can be further packaged into higher-level sensors. Inquire with us about OEM packaging.

Lower-Cost. Aluminum coated fiber FBG sensors are a lower cost metallized fiber alternative to Gold coated fiber-based FBGs.

Applications in Industrial, Materials and SHM Test Labs, Aviation, Energy, and Research

Technica undertakes a rigorous development process before products release. The company is also firmly committed to continuous improvements after release to ensure performance to the highest standards, hence, specifications are subject to update without notice.

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