T200 / Steel Anchored FBG Sensor

T890 / High Temperature FBG Sensing Probe to +1000C
October 26, 2020
polarization maintaining FBG
T85 / Polarization Maintaining FBG
December 14, 2020
Technica T200 Steel Anchored FBG Sensor


T200 / Steel  Anchored FBG Sensor Datasheet

Key Features

Temperature and Strain Linearity. The precision-made FBG structure written into the fibers’ core for producing the T200 yields a simple transducer configuration of high resolution, linearity, and measurement repeatability. Clear high SLSR response.

Easy installation. The T200 aims to eliminate the need for civil, industrial, medical, security, rail, marine, aerospace, energy, and other engineers and researchers to all become materials experts in bonding fibers that will not slip to various surfaces, or into various higher-level sensor designs that are needed for their various applications. Ideally balancing cost, performance, and reliability the T200 is here to simplify the process of using  Fiber Bragg Gratings, and to accelerate the creation of new and attractive fiberoptic-based commercial solutions. Available for fibers with diameters from 50μm to 155μm and with standardized and custom size stainless steel anchors (pads). The fiber pigtails can be protected with Teflon or other types of loose tube jacketing.   


Easy to daisy-chain. Well suited for projects that include the need to provide optical filtering, to monitor strain, temperature, and other engineering parameters at many points. The T200 can be provided as a single FBG optical component or in FBG Arrays of various lengths, with a flexible number of FBGs and steel anchors located at customer-specified distances along the fiber.

Proven field performance and reliability. The T200 Stainless Steel Anchored FBG Sensor is a rugged low-cost optical component with stable operation for highly accurate and reliable long-term use. The T200 is a core element for an expanding range of optical devices and applications. Well suited for installation using our TS900 Spot-Welder for Optical Sensors.

T200 table1T200 table 2


The T200 is a Polyimide coated Single-Mode (SM) Fiber-based Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) that is factory-bonded to a stainless steel pad or “anchor” on each side of the FBG. The proprietary non-slip bonding process used for manufacturing the T200 yields ultra-high consistency and enables direct and immediate field installation of the FBG to many types of surfaces by spot-welding, screwing-in, or chemically bonding the FBG’s steel pads to the respective surfaces.   

Available in a wide range of optical and mechanical specifications. Naturally packaged (written) directly in fiber, these FBGs can be used as they are or they can be packaged into a variety of higher-level components and devices for use in optical systems. Small-size and fast response time. Excellent wavelength to temperature and wavelength to strain linearity. The T200 FBG Sensor is designed to make handling and installation fast, easy, and intuitive. Delivers the many advantages inherent to all FBGs.


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