Security and Perimeter Monitoring


Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) can be multiplexed to hundreds of sensors per fiber, with the monitoring instrument being the only limitation. As ultra-fast response quasi-distributed sensors with a reliability second to none, our FBG have been proven in the field as a cost effective alternative to conventional electrical perimeter monitoring systems while also exhibiting the inherent advantage that they are electronically undetectable and immune to EMI and lightning. Even when compared to other non FBG based optical solutions, our FBG based cables offer inherent advantages such as pin-point intrusion location accuracy and the sensitivity required for the monitoring center to be able to discern between real intrusions or false alarms. Whether monitoring airports, government buildings, military installations, or other sensitive infrastructure, our FBG strain, vibration, and temperature cables are easy and fast to deploy and they deliver premium performance.

Relevant products:

T100 as multi-point array element for custom sensing cable designs

T110 for strain and vibration sensing