Performance Vessels, Vehicles & Equipment


Racing requires top gear. Due to their small size, high resistance to fatigue and ultra-fast response time, FBGs are increasingly used for monitoring critical stress points and the dynamic reaction of novel composite materials and designs used in racing yachts, racing vehicles, and other state-of-the-art equipment such as bobsleds and skis for Olympic competitions. Whether surface-mounted or embedded directly into composite materials, our FBGs are used from the design and qualification of racing parts to the structural health monitoring and precise feedback required for continuous design optimizations.

Relevant products:

T10 and T20 as core sensor construction elements,

T60 for extremely tight spaces and near intrusion-free embedding into composites

T100 as multi-point array element for strain and temperature sensing,

T120 for multi-axis strain and shape deformation sensing,

T130 for embedded strain sensing in composites, and other materials

T210 for structural cracks and vibration monitoring