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Our FBG Team is our company’s greatest value! We eagerly and continuously invest to enhance our team’s knowledge and experience. Technica provides high-quality and fast turnaround OEM optical engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and/or integration services for customers who wish to have a customized Fiber Bragg Grating based product or service. Our Team makes that happen.
On the left: Kevin Hsu (based in Zurich, Switzerland), Andrei Csipkes (based in Atlanta, USA) and Tommy Jin (based in Beijing, China).
1. FBG Cleanroom Lab Production System
2. FBG Cleanroom Production Station 3
3. FBG Cleanroom Production Station 5
4. FBG Cleanroom Production Station 7
5. FBG Cleanroom Volume Production Station 2
6. Specialty FBG Production Station
7. FBG Cleanroom Production Lab 1
8. New FBG writing technician on her training at FBG Writing Station #6. Experienced technician demonstrates the operation and explains the ISO9001 based procedure.
9. FBG Sensors Production Lab 2
10. FBG Sensors Production Lab 3
11. FBG Sensors Assembly Pipeline
12. FBG Processing Station
13. FBG Temperature Calibration Station
14. FBG Products Quality Control Gate
15. FBG Packaging Station
16. FBG Arrays and Cables Reel to Reel Processing Station
17. Specialty FBG Sensors Assembly Team
18. FBGs Ready for Shipment
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