Fiber Bragg Gratings provide new data for process design and control in places where no measurements were possible in the past. Specialty FBGs perform well at cryogenic temperatures while other FBG operate at elevated temperatures approaching 1000 degrees C, with no susceptibility to EMI. Our recent addition of regenerated FBG (RFBG) technology licensed from the world’s leading developers of this field together with a newly patented inscription and annealing technology are now in the prove-in phase and are scheduled to be released soon.

High-power fiber lasers and ultrafast lasers are fast emerging technologies for industrial material processing including laser cutting, laser marking, laser welding and laser drilling and the Fiber Bragg Grating is a critical component inside the fiber laser to form the lasing cavity. Technica offers flexibility to produce high reflectors and output couplers on different types of fibers including single-mode fiber, PM fiber, large-diameter fiber and double-clad fiber, across a wide range of wavelengths.

Relevant products:

T10 and T20 as core sensor construction elements,

T60 for extremely tight spaces

T80 for radiation prone environments,

T90 for high-power and ultra-fast fiber lasers

T100 as multi-point array element,

T110 for vibration sensing,

T120 for multi-axis strain and shape deformation sensing,

T130 for embedded strain sensing in concrete, asphalt, composites, and other materials

T140 for multi-point temperature monitoring

T210 for structural cracks and vibration monitoring