T440 FBG Displacement Sensor to 100mm



The T440 is a Single-Mode Fiber (SM) based Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based Packaged Displacement Sensor for use in environments from -20°C to +60°C and waterproof to 5 Bar.

Available in a wide range of optical specifications. Packaged to eliminate influences from the ambient environment. Ready for direct mounting steel construction exhibiting excellent wavelength to displacement linearity. Calibration service available upon request. The full-scale (FS) accuracy and precision specifications take into account any hysteresis, non-linearities, and the repeatability of the sensor. The T440 sensor handling and installation are fast, easy and intuitive. Delivers the advantages inherent to FBG based sensors. Immune to lightning and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Rugged construction. T440 series Displacement Sensors are fabricated using licensed and proprietary state-of-the-art laser manufacturing technologies and product designs. The sensor packaging described herein represents the most popular configuration and can be customized.

Key Features:

Self Temperature Compensated Architecture. The T440 design uses two precision-made FBGs written into the fibers’ core for producing a self-temperature compensated transducer configuration of high linearity, resolution, accuracy, and precision. SLSR & BW options.

Customizable design. The T440 sensor’s displacement range can be expanded. The IP67 sensor’s outer construction materials can be modified/adapted for operation in hazardous environments.

Zero displacement level is adjustable during installation. Field adjustable range between -50mm to +50mm and 0 to 100mm according to the application requirements.

Ready for multiplexing in daisy-chain architecture. Well suited for projects that include the need to monitor displacement at more than one location, using the same monitoring instrument channel. Provided with two connectorized pigtails and ready to install in daisy chains of any lengths and with a flexible number of sensors.

Multiple installation options. The T440 can be directly installed using the sensor’s body/shaft threads, or with brackets that can be welded, screwed-in, bolted, chemically (glue) bonded.

Low cost and field-proven. For demanding projects that require both low cost and stable operation for long term. Enhanced sensor design following field feedback from the T420 and T430 which have been extensively used in projects measuring dilations, soil and other materials settlements, rock movement and crack monitoring, and as borehole extensometers, since 2012.


Applications in Civil Engineering, Geotechnical, Energy, Industrial, Marine, and Research