Fabry Perot Sensors & Filters

Our Fabry-Perot Sensors and Filters represent a suite of packaged optical devices for enabling our customers to sense strain, temperature, and pressure, to calibrate for wavelength, and to scan over a wavelength range using all-fiber and/or micro-packaged optical devices that utilize the Fabry-Perot interferometric principle of operation. Our all-fiber micro Fabry Perot sensors exhibit ultra sensitivity and extremely small device size. Our Fabry Perot Athermal Etalons at 25GHz, 33GHz, 50GHz, 100GHz, and 200GHz are useful when integrated in various optical instruments such as spectrum analyzers, optical sensing instruments, and tunable lasers. Our Tunable Fabry-Perot Filters are the only fiber design able to scan reliably to 40KHz scan rates. Fabry-Perot sensors and filters are essential assets in any optical sensing lab, optical development lab, optical systems lab, and in metrology facilities worldwide.

Our Fabry-Perot Sensors & Filters Products