Energy Production, Conversion and Storage


FBGs and FBG Arrays and Cables do not use electricity and are inherently immune to EMI. Because of these and their other attractive properties, Fiber Bragg Gratings are increasingly used in energy-related commercial applications. FBG Arrays and Cables are used for temperature and pressure monitoring in oil wells, as structural health monitoring sensors for offshore oil platforms and their infrastructure below the sea, as well as on nuclear plants, hydro-energy dams, wave-energy generators, wind energy blades and turbines and solar panels. Our FBG are also deployed in power conversion systems, transformers and generators. Pipelines and storage tanks also greatly benefit from our explosion proof fiber-based technologies as plant operators not only extend the life of their assets but also recognize savings from the long-term reliability of our optical FBG based sensors.

Relevant products:

T10 and T20 as core sensor construction elements,

T30 for ultra-high sensitivity measurements,

T60 for extremely tight spaces

T80 for radiation prone environments,

T100 as a multi-point array element,

T110 for vibration sensing,

T120 for multi-axis strain and shape deformation sensing,

T130 for embedded strain sensing in concrete, composites, and other materials

T140 for multi-point temperature monitoring

T210 for structural cracks and vibration monitoring