T860 Cryogenic Temperature Sensor to -270 Degrees Celsius


The T860 is a Single-Mode (SM) Fiber-based Cryogenic Temperature Fiber Bragg Grating (HTFBG) Sensor, packaged into a precision manufactured stainless steel tube and rated for operation to -270 Degrees Celsius. The CryoFBG embedded sensor is ultra-small and is designed for use in single-sensing-point applications with the added requirement of minimal intrusion. Immune to EMI and lightning.

The T860 optical temperature sensing probe consists of one Cryogenic Fiber Bragg Grating sensing element embedded in a single-mode fiber, further protected by proprietary cryogenic environment-rated materials, and finally encapsulated into a hermetically sealed stainless steel probe. Temperature calibration service is available upon request.

Key Features:

Temperature linearity. The precision-made CryoFBG structure manufactured for the T860 yields a simple transducer configuration of high resolution, linearity, and measurement repeatability. Unlike standard fiber FBGs that stop responding below -80C, the T860 reliably provides temperature measurements to -270C.

Small form-factor. Well suited for projects that include the need to monitor low temperatures at individual points, with small form-factor sensing probes. Multiple T860 sensors can be connected to a single optical channel of an optical sensing interrogator by using optical splitters. Standard connectors termination or splicing to specialty cables are available. 

Reliable low-temperature measurements. Designed for projects that require both the availability of low-temperature responsive FBG sensors and stable operation for highly accurate measurements over the long term. 

Proven field performance. The company’s family of Cryogenic Temperature Sensors and Cryogenic Strain Sensors (see T212 and T213 sensor models) are commercial products manufactured in increasing volumes. These world-leading products extend the range of applications addressable by FBG sensors.