Civil and Geotechnical Engineering


Because of the unique properties of FBGs, specialists in the fields of civil and geotechnical engineering are increasingly relying of FBG technology. FBG sensors and cables can be surface-mounted or directly embedded into the structures that are to be monitored or tested for both short-term and long-term. Structural health monitoring of infrastructure assesses damage and risk, aids in proving-in new designs, and supports determining when repairs or even replacements of the structures are required.

Our FBGs are used for monitoring buildings, monuments, bridges, tunnels, dams, mines, slopes of mountains, airport runways, highways, and the tracks for various types of railways.

Relevant products:

T10 and T20 as core sensor construction elements,

T30 for ultra-high sensitivity measurements,

T80 for radiation prone environments,

T100 as a multi-point array element,

T110 for vibration sensing,

T120 for multi-axis strain and shape deformation sensing,

T130 for embedded strain sensing in concrete, asphalt, composites, and other materials

T140 for multi-point temperature monitoring

T210 for structural cracks and vibration monitoring