Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) are considered excellent sensor elements, suitable for measuring various engineering parameters such as temperature, strain, pressure, tilt, displacement, acceleration, load, as well as the presence of various industrial, biomedical and chemical substances in both static and dynamic modes of operation. The FBG is also an excellent signal shaping and filtering element for a growing field of applications.

Technica currently serves north of 100 different applications in more than 30 fields, worldwide. These are some of our more popular applications:

The range of applications for readily available commercial grade Fiber Bragg Gratings continues to grow. In parallel, new FBG technology capabilities are emerging and they include writing FBGs with various types of lasers; writing them into smaller diameter fibers, multicore fibers, bend-insensitive fibers, radiation proof fibers, doped fibers, and special shape fibers; taking advantage of the evanescent field around the FBG; and continuously expanding the envelope on their addressable wavelengths, bandwidths, spectral shape, reflectivity and physical length. Additionally, much development is being done by many universities, institutes, laboratories, and companies towards packaging FBGs into new types and models of sensors.

We warmly welcome both commercial customers and R&D communities around the world and we wish to cooperate with you as suppliers, as development partners, or as potential licensees for the commercialization of the FBG based technologies that may emerge.

We are here to serve as a worldwide manufacturing channel for the proliferation of FBG based solutions!