• Compliance with international standards – including: ISO9001 quality standard; ATEX EX as FBGs are passive components immune to EMI, ESD, spark hazards, and are explosion proof; TELCORDIA as may be required for various communications applications; and ROHS environmentally friendly.
    • Quality and reliability – more resistant to fatigue and physical shock than conventional electrical components.
    • Rapid turnaround – typical lead time is two weeks; one week for rush orders.
    • Competitive prices – enabled by our parallel production pipelines and well trained technical team.

Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG)

Self-referencing with excellent wavelength control
Wide selection of center wavelengths
Ultra-narrow to ultra-wide bandwidths selection
Many FBGs can be multiplexed in one single fiber to form arrays
High side-lope suppression ratio for reliable low-noise clear signal systems
High power handling for high laser power signal filtering and shaping
High reflectors and output couplers configurations for industrial lasers
Low loss for long-distances (km) between sensors and instruments
Ultra-small sizes from 0.5 mm length x 0.08 mm diameter
Light weight – configurations starting from 1 gram
High tensile strength in pull, compression, and bending modes
Configurations for use in cryogenic or up to 800C temperatures
FBGs are made of glass fiber and corrosion proof coatings
Radiation resistant options available

FBG Arrays & Cables

Many FBGs can be multiplexed in one single fiber to form arrays
Same or different FBG wavelengths in the array
Same or different distances between FBGs in the array
Our FBG arrays and cables can be from millimeters to tens of kilometers
Option to terminate the arrays and cables with optical connectors
Option to calibrate arrays and cables for requested temperature ranges
Arrays available in small diameter specialty fibers
Arrays available in low-bending loss fibers
Arrays available in radiation resistant fibers
Our FBG arrays can be ruggedized into GFRP, steel, and armored cables.

FBG Packaged Sensors

We package FBGs into a variety of sensors based on our customers’ designs. As an example, we package FBGs into crack and vibration sensors using technology licensed from the University of Illinois at Chicago. We are also a worldwide licensee of the complete FBGs based sensors patent portfolio of United Technologies Corporation. All our FBG packaged sensors are either our in-house original designs for solving industry problems presented to us by our customers, or we manufacture and sell under license from other Institutions and companies that developed them. We take special care to ensure that the features of our core FBG components technologies are well preserved in the various sensor designs that we develop or license, manufacture, and sell worldwide.

FBG Tools & Accessories

We understand the often our customers need more than a sensor. For these cases we extend our support and experience to advise our customers about the proper tooling and accessories they may need in order to complete their projects. While we do offer a limited range of specialized tools and accessories and we are pleased to serve as a one stop-shop when this is preferred by our customer, still, most often we apply our experience and point our customers to the proper suppliers for the goods they need.

Process Integration on Metal Gears.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Technica provides high-quality and fast turnaround OEM optical engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and/or integration services for customers who wish to have an FBG based service. Our contract manufacturing services include the following:

We also adopt customer provided processes